Othello Ravez

For twenty years, he has been experimenting with the learning of traditional yidaki (didgeridoo) and the occidental development of this instrument in a didge-modernistic way.
Driven by his wish to combine vibration and the rhythmic of didgeridoo with the modern types of music such as jazz, blues and rock, he performs in solo and cultivates his universe through a variety of formations, like when he works with the Confluent Symphonic Orchestra of Lyon directed by Philippe Fournier.

He starts his career in 2005 with the band “Didjabo” and organizes, with the help of the formation’s members, the first French festival proposing didgeridoo, Jew’s harp, and the “Rêve de l’Aborigène” diphonic singing.

Since 2006, he collaborates with Julien Coste, Christo Hedou and meets up with Emmanuel Andorin, sound engineer and pianist specialized in musics of the world. Their artistic collaborations go on through the various residencies, compositions, arrangements, recordings which give birth to surprising feeling and improvisation.

In 2009, he creates the Malakin trio with Julien Coste and Lahcen Bennajem, guembri player, in which they merge Oriental (India), Gnawa (African Blues) and Occidental (Jazz) traditions. Then, the Lawe Project leads him to Bordeaux in 2010 (with Denis Gouzil, Stéphane Czeski, Joran Czeski and Medhi Sfaxi) where quintet develops a universe with “Ethno jazz rock vocal” influences and no  vocals: lawe.project.free.fr

In 2011, his journey continues and Othello navigates between concerts and festivals where he is invited as a guest. This allows him to meet many players: the Cooper, Makino, Mourgue (bass, piano, drummer) jazz trio, the great saxophonist Steev Pots, or even Issa Muras (oud) and numerous jazz bands (piano, double bass and saxophone). His last collaboration with Jean Luc Fillon aka Oboman, oboe specialist player, reveals new perspectives for didgeridoo in a classic/jazz range.
It is in 2013 that Othello Ravez decides to record and produce his first album “En Mémoire des Géants”, which will give birth to his Othello Ravez Trio project.

In 2015, Othello Ravez Trio becomes “OLOJi”.