First album of OLOJi

“Osni” : Sound Object Not Identified

Laurent Sureau
> hang, handpan, zagdrum, rav vast, drums, cajon and pad
Othello Ravez
> didgeridoo, sanza, voice and futujara
Julien Coste
> bansuri and hulusi flute, handpan, santoor, kartal, voice and jaw harp
Alexandre Chaigne
> programming, synths and effects
Didier Malherbe

Composed by Laurent Sureau, Othello RavezJulien Coste and Alexandre Chaigne
Recorded by Alexandre Chaigne at La Brandonnie (France) between 20 and 26 October 2016
Except Didier Malherbe on “Zanacol” recorded at Studio Music Unit
Mixed  at Studio Music Unit by Alexandre Chaigne
Mastered at Studio Music Unit by Pierre Luzy
Artwork : Benjamin Barois, Cécile Bouve and Othello Ravez
Produced by Orion