Laurent Sureau

Laurent comes from a music-loving family and so soon grows a passion for music.

He starts to learn how to play piano at the age of 6 and soon extends his scale with the study of percussion; classical and contemporary at first and then from various continents (conga, cajón and balafon from Western Africa), and finally drummer and hang.
In order to deepen his knowledge and his work in the band called Mayaelo, Laurent studies vocal techniques since 2008.

His curiosity and pursuit of knowledge leads him to develop his skills with music improvisation, amplification and experimentation.

He takes pleasure in mixing his skills. Navigating between singing, corporal percussion, he explored the musical blending of his experiences. It his thanks to his many encounters that Laurent has constructed his musical and personal identity.

His professional experience in an academy of music (gold award and Diploma of Musical Studies) allows him to practice the writing of music. But it is his various experiences, internships, master classes and travels have developed his passion for oral tradition and improvised music. Thus, he is eager to create bridges between different musical processes.

From his love of novelty and his eagerness for exchange, he travels and performs in formations radically different and collaborates with artists on stage and studios. Among other projects, he has worked with the Tempo Primo Symphonic Orchestra, the Arts Nova Brass quintet, the Grand Rateau big band, Bill Banquise, Dine and Déon, Cordéone, Olivier Carole Ensemble, Doro’t, Sale Petit Bonhomme, Imad Saleh, Nour, Bebey Youla, Alama Kanté, Dave Golitin, Pablo Mendez, Matthieu Metzger, Thomas Grimmonprez, Christophe Lardeau…

He currently produces himself with Mayaelo, TwinPan, OLOji, Rauni and Morgane Ji.