Julien Coste

Musician and woodwind instrument maker, he’s been traveling to India and Turkey since 2004 to discover the traditional music of Orient. He creates his own personal style inspired by ethnic music.

Musician who masters a variety of instruments, he is a specialist in traditional oriental percussion. Thanks to a research and specialized scholarship delivered by the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in 2008, he is able to follow his passion and study music.

During his travels, he learns Pakhawaja with Pt Shri Kant Mishra in Benares, Tabla with Pandit Ishwar Lal Mishra and Adjit Silvasto in Benares, Morsing and Konnakol with Sri rangam Kannan in Chennai (India), Morchang with Kutle Khan, Gaffour Khan, Chugge Khan and Rice Khan in Rajasthan (India), Bansuri flute with Kinod Prasanna, Pt Sohan, Lal Mishra and Madhav Harida, Kartal with Kutle Khan, David Kuckhermann; Glenn Velez and Engin Gurkey in Istanbul (Turkey), Daf with Massoud Habibi in Tehran (Iran), Nagara with Nathu Lal solinky in  Rajasthan.

His passion for traditional music and flutes leads him to build his own woodwind instruments. He first learn under the guidance of Max Brumberg how to make harmonic flutes (Koncovka), and then with Mortujai Khan how to make Bansuri (North Indian flute).

Currently, he performs with OLOji, the Compagnie Cercle de Feu, Awan Darshan or even in solo with his character Aliwen.