Box “Exploring the 12 Chakras”

Under the guidance of Gudrun Comtat, the OLOJi group members have composed, improvised, interpreted and recorded the music of these two disks.

Their work is constructed as a single piece that can be divided in twelve fragments. Each part corresponds to a Chakra, to an energy channel of the human being.

When listening to this music from the first fragment to the last, you start from the embodied physical body, from the roots in the ground (n° 1) and slowly extend your awareness by going through each Chakras. It is what is called the Embodiment.

On the contrary, when listening from the last fragment to first, you feel the vibration of each plans from the lightest to the thickest one. Thus, starting from the All, from the Unity (n° 12) your consciousness goes through each plan, towards a physical manifestation through the body (n° 1). It is called Disembodiment.

The sounds of each instruments are reflection of the atmosphere of each Chakra and these moments of musical awareness allow the consciousness a better access to each plan.

Laurent Sureau

> Hang PANArt, Handpan Aciel, Ayasa and symphonic steel, RAV Vast, Bombo.

Julien Coste
> Flûtes Bansuri, Handpan Aciel

Othello Ravez
> Didgeridoo Alexis Rousselle, Phonodidge, Sanza

Recorded and mixed by Alexandre Chaigne
Mastered by Pierre Luzy
Artwork by FauneBox

Link: Gudrun Comtat –