Alexandre Chaigne

Alexandre started his study of piano at the age of 6. The influence of the successive teachers who have followed his musical formation helped cultivate his taste for jazz and musical improvisation.  Throughout his progression and professional encounters, he has joined various bands and has experimented with many styles: Seven Freeze – rock, Allôreille – French song, Vacarme Cérébral – jazz rock, Oxband – big band

His taste for entertainment industry leads him to pick a sound engineer career. After he graduated from a scientific high school diploma with an option in music, he is admitted for a HND certificate in Audiovisual and Sound Engineering at the NAI (National Audiovisual Institute) in Paris. Along side, he works at the National Opéra of Paris – Bastille. There, he is able to both cultivate his love for music to his professional formation. His job allows him to collaborate with a great variety of artists, in studio and in live, and to take part in their musical projects (Mayaelo, OLOji, TwinPan, Laurent Sureau, Music Unit, Jean-Martial Golaz, National Opéra of Paris-Bastille, Carpeaux Espace de Courbevoie…).

He is a full member of OLOji in which he performs as a sound engineer but also takes care of the sound covering of the shows. He has recorded and mixed the “Orion” EP and the “Exploration of the 12 Chakras” album in 2016.
On the side, he pursues his activities as a musician under the Alexandre Chaigne 4tet project.